NorthCard Loyalty Model

NorthCard's Loyalty Model adds four dimensions to the traditional retail loyalty model. These four dimensions are the ability to Recognize customers as individuals, Relate on a one-to-one basis, Reward customers in line with their value to your business, and Refine products and target markets based on market learnings. These dimensions are represented in the following figure:


  • Develop customer profiles or "snapshots" - contact information, demographics, purchase habits and preferences.
  • Develop card programs designed to meet the needs of key customer segments.
  • Use cards to promote brand and marketing message directly in customers' wallets.
  • "Sign-up" existing and new customers using structured acquisition program.


  • Support customer service through the Web, call centre or direct mail.
  • Develop strong transactional database that will show Who customers are, What they are buying and Where and When they are buying.
  • Mine data to drive conclusions about Why customers are behaving the way they do, and How to make them more profitable.
  • Develop retention strategy and monitor for defectors.


  • Use rewards to reinforce customer purchase decisions or increase scope of a customer relationship (visit more often, spend more per visit)

  • Use targeted promotional rewards to support specific marketing objectives:

    • By Product Type - to stimulate trial of product

    • By Location - to drive customer traffic to a new location

    • By Day or Time - to increase traffic during slow periods (eg. a "Happy Hour")

    • By Threshold - to encourage customers to expand their relationship 


  • Use market data to refine marketing mix, including changes to pricing, delivery and usage.
  • Identify opportunities for new products or bundling of products.
  • Target new customers based on learned buyer profiles.
  • Uncover large competitive users and target them with a switching strategy.
  • Maximize opportunities to gather qualitative feedback from customers.

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