NorthCard's Loyalty & Payment Solutions offer our clients a strong competitive edge in the battle for share of customer relationships and spending.

Our business is to assemble, integrate and deliver card-based loyalty management solutions tailored to our clients' needs. Our Loyalty Model, based on our technology and services, allows our clients to:
  • Recognize customers through comprehensive profiling
  • Relate with customers on a one-to-one basis
  • Reward customers based on marketing objectives
  • Refine marketing mix, products and target markets in response to market conditions

Successful loyalty programs that meet these marketing objectives have been proven to lead to increased profitability and sustainable competitive advantage.

Our Technology includes a combination of proprietary and licensed software that supports:

  • Customized customer profiles and tools to support sales & service
  • Flexible card loyalty programs and promotions
  • Strong reporting and data analysis tools
  • Integrated or standalone POS solutions
  • Web and call centre tools for customer management across client channels

Our Services are geared to allow our clients to source as much as they need through NorthCard. We offer:

  • Project Management to ensure on-time, in-budget delivery while minimizing interruption to your business
  • Database Management to reap the benefits of your investment
  • Loyalty Management to support the marketing and operations of your loyalty program
  • Systems Operations & Support to manage the technology

Our Team includes senior staff and partners drawn from relevant experiences:

  • Principal with background in the electronic banking business, specializing in card systems and electronic commerce
  • Team with strong marketing and technology expertise
  • External Partners with complementary strengths

NorthCard's Team is assembled from extensive experience in the card services business and is geared to offer seamless support and add value where needed.

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