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NorthCard's commitment to our clients is to integrate all the key components that support a loyalty program. Our key role is as Project Managers, responsible for the on-time, in-budget delivery of your program.

To execute the program, we use a combination of NorthCard staff, external suppliers and client suppliers for key services. The following is a summary of the key roles required in delivering a loyalty program, and NorthCard's role in each:


Program Design

  • Based on client marketing objectives, design customer loyalty program including data strategies, reward structures, promotion strategy & research support.
  • Assess technology options, costs and partners.

Business Casing

  • NorthCard has proprietary profitability analysis model.
  • Use client assumptions to develop a sound financial business case and targets.

Implementation Planning

  • Develop transition plan to support the introduction of the loyalty program.
  • Develop management plan for operational issues - expiry dates, customer service.
  • Define quantifiable "measurements of success" for the program.


Loyalty Management

  • NorthCard can manage or support marketing, promotions, partner management and rewards.
  • Operational services include training materials & support, communications support & sales support.

Database Management

  • NorthCard services include basic Reports & Data Cubes (described in Technology), as well as customized Reports, Queries, Extracts and Cubes.

  • Support client’s end-to-end data analysis & production needs, including:

    • List mining & production

    • Statement data preparation & production

    • Field customization & adjustments

    • Report design, maintenance & distribution

Direct Mail & Fulfillment

  • NorthCard produces data to support client's direct mail partner / supplier.


Project Management

  • NorthCard develops the project plan, and manages to approved budget and targeted timelines.
  • Leads project team of external suppliers and partners, and provides consolidated regular status reports.

Customer Sales & Service

  • NorthCard supports training & first line technical support for store locations or franchises.
  • Support client's service partners where needed.

Billing & Settlement

  • NorthCard supports any required billing and settlement with data production.


Development & Licensing

  • NorthCard manages all the necessary systems development and licensing to support its applications.
  • Integration work considered separately (see below).

Systems Integration

  • Integration points with client systems are POS/ECR system, Customer Database and Products Database.
  • NorthCard will work with client to manage integration with existing systems.

Systems Operations & Tech Support

  • Establishes and maintains environment to support NorthCard applications and client data.
  • Redundancy and backup included to ensure availability.

Cards & Fulfillment

  • NorthCard manages card design and ordering.
  • NorthCard partner supports card production, personalization, fulfillment & delivery.

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