NorthCard Technology

NorthCard assembles and integrates all the technology required for our clients to create and manage effective loyalty and payment card programs. Our strategy is to work with the best technology available, which is a mix of proprietary and licensed software. This strategy allows us to propose and deliver the right package to meet clients' needs.

The following diagram outlines the key components needed in order to operate a loyalty program, and identifies where NorthCard has developed or licensed solutions.

Each of these components performs a critical function in the execution of a successful loyalty program:


  • Manages key customer sales and service functions.
  • Customized Customer Profile - contact points & demographic profile.
  • Relationship Profile - buying habits, preferences & competitive usage.
  • Can be linked to your internal customer database or feed an existing data warehouse.


  • Establishes rewards formula based on pre-defined parameters, including Card Type, Location, Date, Time, Effective Dates and Product Sold.
  • Calculates points based on Purchased Value, Number of Purchases or Items Purchased.
  • Manages "Swipe-and-Win" contest entries.


  • Supports product data required for Promotions and Reporting.
  • NorthCard supports integration with an internal product database if needed.


  • Manages multiple card programs and card types.
  • Manages card orders, production & shipping.


  • Processes & manages customer purchase information.
  • Provides links to all key applications to facilitate loyalty point calculation, customer statements and production of data analysis "cubes".


  • Supports location data required for Promotions and Reporting.
  • Maintains client store profiles (e.g. rural vs. urban, storefront vs. mall).

Devices & POS Solutions

  • Focused on integrated solutions, but can also provide standalone.
  • NorthCard specification adaptable to multiple platforms and operating environments.
  • We work with specialized POS software developers with in-store operating environment expertise.
  • Will work with your bank to integrate to debit card terminal if desired.

Reports & Data Mining Tools

 ź       NorthCard has integrated its applications with Cognos reporting & data analysis tools, and
   created a standard “package” of data analysis that includes:

ź       Over 25 program Snapshot charts and graphs.

ź       Two Data Cubes for on-line analysis (OLAP using Cognos Powerplay)

 ź       Cognos Powerplay features include:

ź       View and analyse in multiple dimensions.

ź       Drill down on data cubes

ź       Output to 10 different types of charts & graphs

ź       Save output to the Web or integrate with presentations (eg. MS PowerPoint)

 ź       We will also work with your choice of Reporting or OLAP tool, and support your existing
    database management partner.

 ź       NorthCard will work with you to define “Data Discovery” or “Data Mining” needs, and
    establish a framework for execution.


Call Centre

  • NorthCard can establish 1-800 numbers for sales and service.
  • Supports IVR for service functions (check point balance, redeem rewards).
  • Customer sales and service functions adaptable to call centre service environment.


  • Makes sign-up and key service functions available on the Internet.
  • NorthCard can integrate with a client's Web site or host client-branded Web site.


  • NorthCard supports in-store kiosk sales and service functions.

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